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① Special: the bigger picture

Welcome to howwedu 512. howwedu 512bet官网开户 is an intense introductory German course. In 32 learning sessions you will learn 512 German words and get fluent in their use.

But hold on! Before you dive deeper into how everything works, remember that the most important thing with howwedu 512 is to speak. So listen and repeat.

Congratulations! You've just learned your first German word. And this is how you're going to master your next 511 words:
4 minutes reading about the howwedu method

bet官网开户Let the journey begin...

② Project Text

In the spirit of our course - always learn words in contextbet官网开户 - start this session with the project text and speak your first German sentences!

bet官网开户You're going to work with this text in each of the first 8 sessions. During this time you'll get very familiar with it and you'll soon find yourself picking up naturally important sentences and structures.

project text 1
12 minutes studying

③ Flashcards

bet官网开户Don't underestimate the value of flashcards - if they are well-prepared. Focus on the sample sentences and speak in chorus with the native speaker.

Download the howwedu flashcards from . Type 0 into the price field to get them for free.

Follow the instructions in INSTRUCTIONS.pdf to set up ANKI. Set the number of daily new cards to 16.

To avoid trouble: For our elaborate system of different complementary activies to work, these 16 words need to be the first 16 words of the deck. If you've installed ANKI for the first time, studying cards in the order they are imported is the default option, if you're an experienced ANKI user and have changed this setting, make sure to change it back for this deck. (read from Deck Options to New Cards → order.

→ Study your first 16 sixteen words.
10 minutes studying

④ App(lication Text)

The texts called apps make sure that you meet every word you've learned again and again in 4+ texts. They use only the words that you've already learned, so their increasing complexity will give you a feeling for your growing ability to articulate yourself in German.

App 1
10 minutes studying

bet官网开户 image attribution: Lachlan Hardy

Can't wait for the next session?
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