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bet官网开户We've created the best introductory German language-learning flashcard deck ever devised. It will service millions of learners around the world, and serve as the beginning of our comprehensive German language course. Accessible for anyone thanks to PWYW (pay what you want) pricing, it promises to bring real-world German use straight to you through strategically spaced repetition, captivating visuals, and audio recordings of native speakers.

Have you been underwhelmed by language-learning materials? Have you wanted to learn a language, only to get met with an “upsell” to a paid level of service?
Maybe you’ve gone through a learning course only to discover the brand of language they taught you isn’t the one spoken in the streets. All too often, language-learning materials aren’t held to account after purchase. They’re not evaluated as to how well they serve the people who buy them.

This results in people speaking like a textbook rather than a human.

After taking a good look at these systems, we considered what we could offer as German native speakers and educators. As a result, we have come up with HOWWEDU. We are the people who speak German every day. “Du” (you) are the person learning it. And how we make that happen is through the new German course that we’re building from the ground up.

How it works: The bigger picture.


source: the language learning manifesto

A good beginner’s German course starts with a careful choice of voice. Your first words in a foreign language should be the most useful–appearing in the top 1000 of frequency lists, or they should be cognates, words that closely resemble the words of your mother tongue, making them easiest to learn. An awesome word list of 512 words based on these criteria lays the foundation for our German course.


Introducing Spaced Repetition in Texts.

For every sixteen new words, we carefully crafted a real-world text (called "app") featuring exactly these sixteen new words and other words you’ve learned before. Every pack of sixteen words will be featured combined with other packs of words in at least four different real-world texts. This repeated exposure assures a deep understanding of the use of every single word. This variety of texts will get you comfortable with words called particles (denn, doch, etc.) that other German courses leave out. A spaced repetition scheme for the word choice of these texts optimizes retention time. For every text, there will be native audio recordings.


source: the howwedu method

Beyond that, the word list is the basis for cultural resources like sketches and songs we’ve carefully picked for the various packs to match the exact vocabulary you’re currently learning.

At the same time, this word list creates the foundation for our flashcard deck, which will be useful for every beginner around the world, regardless of whether or not he follows our course.

Our German flashcards

As a first step in developing our course, we set out to create the best introductory German flashcard deck.

Every flashcard:

  • presents one of our 512 chosen words with a native audio recording.

  • has a real-world example sentence with its audio recording.

  • shows a high quality photo for each example sentence.

  • includes useful information on important forms (e.g. plural forms, different tenses, etc.).

  • indicates the pack numbers of other course material that is most useful for you right now.

The flashcard designs are easily customizable to hide or show certain information depending on your desired focus. The free spaced repetition program ANKI knows when to repeat a word and synchronizes your learning progress across all your devices.

All this together constitutes the highest quality flashcard deck available for German language learning, offered on a pay-what-you-want basis and freely accessible to anyone. Although our course methods clearly state that we think that flashcards are just the beginning, you cannot overestimate the value of this introductory material for the overwhelming number of people it will help.

source: the howwedu method

For more information on the HOWWEDU method, visit

Pay What You Want

HOWWEDU operates with a pay what you want price plan. Language is too critical of an area upon which to incorporate frustrating boundaries; we will never feature tiered pricing, or reserve sections of learning for “delux” users. We offer your our work, you name the price.

Join Us

We were promised great things about the Internet in its early days–that it would bring people from different cultures and languages together in communication. Though we’ve come a long way, the state of the art of language-learning remains commercial, overly academic, and impractical. Help us change that and set a new standard for learning platforms that’s current, authentic, and accessible. It would be fully in the spirit of this course to spread the word of our flashcards on social media, to all your travel-minded friends.

Read our language learning manifesto.
Learn more about the complete howwedu method.

image attribution: Gabriela Allegro

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